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Introducing GB-OS Version 6.2

smallstamp 62Stay at the forefront of firewall technology with GTA's latest software release - GB-OS 6.2 GTA's firewall software version GB-OS 6.2 presents numerous enhancements and new features for GTA firewall UTM appliances. GB-OS updates include new country blocking configuration options, additional report types and graphs, threat management and high availability enhancements, certificate management additions, IPv6 updates, and abundant web interface upgrades. GB-OS 6.2 also provides 64-bit support for GB-2100 and GB-2500 with GB-Ware featuring both 64-bit and 32-bit support.

VPN Remote Access Options

With GB-OS, accessing network resources is as easy as swipe and a tap of the finger. With support for iPhones, iPads, Android-powered mobile devices and more, users can securely access protected networks. GB-OS's remote access options provide users with seamless connection to the network. Users can be allowed access to files, applications and internets from anywhere the job may take them. GTA's ever-expanding remote access options include the GTA Mobile IPSec Client, SSL Client, SSL Browser, PPTP and L2TP methods. Easy to configure and implement, GTA's remote access features provide the flexibility, performance and reliability needed in today's world.


IPv6 Support

IPv6 is an internet protocol, the future of IP addresses that will replace the current IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are 128-bit numbers, divided into eight, 16-bit hexadecimal blocks separated by colons. IPv4 addresses are 32-bit numbers with about 4.3 billion possible addresses. In contrast, IPv6 addresses are 128-bit numbers with approximately 340 undecillion (1036) possible addresses.

As scarcity of IPv4 address continues to increase, it is important to prepare for the future of IPv6 addresses. GB-OS allows organizations to prepare for and deploy IPv6 to ensure business continuity and growth, while still using IPv4. IPv6 configuration support includes statically assigned IP addresses for IPv6, DHCPv6, Stateless Address Auto configuration (SLAAC), Dual Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) addresses, IPv4 and IPv6 VLAN interfaces, IPv4 and IPv6 Link Aggregation, IPv4 HA Interfaces and IPv4 Bridge Mode.

With each update and software release, GTA continues to expand IPv6 support for various features, services and configuration options.


Unified Threat Management

Expand the capabilities of GTA's basic Mail Proxy email features with the Anti-Virus feature and Anti-Spam - the commercial-grade subscription option - powered by Mailshell Anti-Spam technology. Together, the Mail Proxy features fight these business nuisances by providing a level of defense at the perimeter with a gateway level solution.

Add another level of protection with GTA's Web Filtering subscription solution. With over 100 million URL's categorized into over 70 content categories, the content filtering option helps to increase productivity and reduce liability by restricting access to unproductive or inappropriate web sites.

For more information about these, and other firewall options, click here.

About eNetworks

eNetworks has been using the GTA range of firewalls for 9 years. Initially as a reseller and integrator, and recently as a distributor for Africa. eNetworks still continues to operate as an ISP and networks integrator, offering services such as Dignet point-to-point managed circuits and ADSL services.
With point of presence in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban they offer country wide solutions. Focused on high up-time and managed solutions eNetworks has an impressive array of corporate and SME customers who are dependent on very high levels of service. At eNetworks, "Service is everything!"

Web Content Filtering

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Content Filtering

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